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About us

This is the website of the Evangelische Pfarrgemeinde A.u.H.B. Salzburg Christuskirche. Our parish belongs to the Evangelische Kirche A.B. in Österreich (Lutheran Church of Austria).
Our parish was founded in 1863, and immediately after that our Christchurch was built.

The history of our parish is, for European standards, rather short. But the history of protestants in the larger province of Salzburg was long and sad. In early 16th century, when Martin Luther started the reformation of the church, many people in the province of Salzburg became protestants. However, they were not allowed to practice their protestant faith because the archbishop of Salzburg was also the ruler of this land and therefore all inhabitants had to be Roman Catholic.

After two centuries of secret protestantism in Salzburg (worshipping and reading the Luther Bible in hiding), Archbishop Firmian proclaimed in 1731 that all protestant people in his land had to leave their homes. Most of these more than 20,000 displaced persons went to Eastern Prussia, but some of them even settled in the US, in Georgia, near Savannah (Georgia Salzburgers).

Today our relationship to the Roman Catholic Church in Salzburg has a good ecumenical basis. Pope John Paul II even worshipped in our church in 1988, when visiting Austria. But Protestants are still a small minority in Salzburg, as well as in the whole of Austria. Around 4.5 percent of the population belongs to protestant churches.

You may visit our church in the heart of the city of Salzburg. It is open from Monday to Friday from 9 to 12 am. For larger groups of interested persons we would be happy to tell you some details about our church and the history of the protestants in Salzburg.

You may worship with our German-speaking community every Sunday at 9.30 in the morning in our church, or with an English-speaking congregation of our church - The Salzburg International Christian Church - at 11 am in the Diakoniezentrum, Guggenbichler Straße.

You may even marry in our church after your civil marriage, the only requirement being that you are a member of a Lutheran or Presbyterian denomination.

Our church (Christchurch, the red brick-building) and parish house are located at Schwarzstrasse 25, between the Mirabell Gardens and the Salzach River.

Please feel free to contact us.